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Product Description of Tattoo Machine 
Material: Aircraft aluminum alloy 
Needle protrusion: 0-4.5mm 
Motor: 9V/12000RPM 
Suggest Voltage: 6-9V 
Connector: RCA 
3.5 cable:fit for permanent makeup power 

Description : 
1. New double head design, can operate both PMU and tattoo, according to different operation items easily switch. You can do this pen tattoo, permanent eyebrow makeup, lips line, eye line,All in one tattoo machine. 

2. All-purpose liner&shader; Set metal motor tattoo pen with aerospace grade aluminum, anodized surface treatment, never fade, permanent as new. 

3. Strong power, stable energy saving, sensitive and lightweight, high-speed operation up to 12,000 RPM. 

4. Noise reduction processing, low audio frequency, small vibration, constant temperature without hot. 

5. Accurate injection, fast color, no ink jet, suitable for most tattoos needle on the market 

6.Please keep the tattoo pen working under 12V to protect the rotary system and the motor. 

Package : 
1X Tattoo machine with 2 head (For PMU and Body Tattoo) 
5X PMU needle 
5X Tattoo needle 
1X3.5mm to RCA cable 

PMU Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

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