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After receiving a lip blush service, it is important to follow certain aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and to maintain the longevity of the treatment.

On the day of the treatment, rinse your lips with cold water before applying any aftercare treatment. Ointment will be applied to your lips before you leave the studio. If the ointment is absorbed or accidentally removed, reapply it using a clean Q-tip. Thirty minutes after the procedure, rinse your lips with water only to remove any lymph from the skin and then reapply the ointment. In the evening, wash your face carefully, avoiding lathering the lips, and apply a thin layer of ointment to coat the fresh lips using a Q-tip.

For the next seven days after the treatment, wash your face as usual and apply the ointment (or Aquaphor healing ointment or fresh aloe vera gel from the plant if you run out of the ointment provided by the studio) to your lips a minimum of 3-4 times per day using a Q-tip. Avoid aggressive movements or manipulation of the skin and make sure to clean your hands thoroughly before caring for your lips.

During the first nine days after the lip blush service, avoid using any lip makeup, participating in sports or other physically demanding activities, taking hot baths, swimming, coming into contact with animals, visiting a sauna or steam room, sunbathing or going to a tanning salon, using any laser or chemical peel treatments or products containing glycolic acid or Retin-A on your face, picking, peeling, or scratching the treated area in order to prevent scarring or pigment loss, being in high dust environments (such as while cleaning a garage or basement), smoking, and drinking alcohol excessively.

It is also important to avoid eating acidic, spicy, or salty foods for the first few days after your lip blush service as they can cause irritation to the treated area. Additionally, avoid kissing or intimate contact with others for at least 24 hours after the procedure to prevent bacteria from entering the treated area.

If you experience any discomfort, swelling, or redness, you can apply a cold compress to your lips for a few minutes at a time. If the discomfort persists or if you notice any signs of infection (such as pus, fever, or chills), contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Remember that each person's healing process is different, so be patient and follow the aftercare instructions provided by your permanent makeup artist. With proper care, your lip blush can last for up to two years.


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During the first 4 days after your tattoo, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Swelling and redness

  • Tenderness

  • Flaking

  • Mild itchiness

  • Dry skin (this may persist for up to 3 weeks).

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During days 3-5 after your tattoo:


  • You may notice light flaking or peeling of the skin on the lips.

  • It is important not to pick, peel, or rub your lips, as this may prematurely remove color and cause your lips to heal unevenly. Allow the color to flake away naturally.

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