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MyBrows is Proud to Shine a light on our Students!


Annie Nguyen

Powder Brow Artist

Annie Nguyen started off as a powder brow student but with hard work and consistency; she is now an official artist with MyBrows Studio!

IMG_8859 2.HEIC

Kim Diep

Powder Brow Artist

Kim Diep is a very talented nail technician at our sister shop, Bella Vous! She took one of our powder brow courses and excelled through her dedication to the art! She is now an offical Powder Brow Artist with My Brows Studio! 


Gina De La Torre

Microblading Student

Gina De La Torre joined our 3-Day microblading course! She has practiced on various models and has shown her dedication in her work! She is working on soon becoming a microblading artist with MyBrows Studio! 


Brenda Contreras

Powder Brow Student

Brenda Contreras took our Powder Brow course and has showed up to model day to practice her craft! She has shown that she loves powder brows through practicing! We can't wait to see where her work takes her!

IMG_5685 3.heic

Ari Macias

Powder Brow Student

Ari Macias joined our powder brow class and immediately showed great work! In only 3 days she was able to create a gorgeous powder brow on her first model! We look forward to being apart of ari's powder brow artist journey!