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We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that can cause you to cancel or reschedule your service. However, please keep in mind that these changes not only affect your artist but also other clients who could have scheduled appointments during that time. As such, we have updated our cancellation and rescheduling policy to ensure fairness and maintain the high-quality standards of our services.


If you must reschedule your appointment, a minimum 48 hours in advance notice is required or the deposit cannot be used as a credit. In regards to same day cancellations you do forfeit your deposit and cannot use it as credit as well as being charged 50% of the service. In addition to that, any other future bookings will require an additional deposit to make an appointment.


If for any reason you need to cancel your scheduled training, your deposit may be transferred to another course only if another training is available within 6 months of the original course; Otherwise, your deposit is non-refundable. We must also be notified of this cancellation one week prior to the scheduled training or the potential transfer will not be honored if applicable. All Master courses are non-refundable.



All deposits are non-refundable you can only use it as a credit when you rebook for the same service or or a different service. If you decide not to rebook a previously cancelled appointment, unfortunately you do forfeit your deposit.


MyBrows Studio & Academy will charge 50% of the service on same day cancellations for all services. Please give us a notice of at least 48 hours to avoid this fee. Your deposit will also be forfeited.


All services provided by the studio are non-refundable. All transactions are final. In regards to lashes, we can provide lash removal if you wish to do so (additional charges may apply).


We ask that our clients arrive promptly for their appointments and our new clients to arrive 5 minutes prior to their appointment time to ensure sufficient time for quality results. We do allow a 10 minute grace period, however, If you are more than 10 minutes late we will do our best to accommodate you. Do keep in mind time may not permit for us to honor your full service and your appointment may be rescheduled. Being late may also result in no numbing before PMU services. After 30 minutes, your appointment will be subject to cancellation and you will forfeit your deposit.


Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us! We want you to absolutely adore your lashes and you're experience at every appointment with MyBrows Studio & Academy. If for any reason you are experiencing excessive fallout (5-10 lashes per day) or irritation, redness, and/or swelling please contact us within 3 days so that we can schedule an appointment to fix the issue. Anything beyond 3 days will be considered a week refill (additional charges will apply).


It is required that you have at least 50% of your lashes in order to be considered a “fill”. If you are missing too many, you will be charged for a fullset.

Helpful Hints:

  • If it looks like you need a fill then you have waited too long. Lashes should look good all of the time! Just less full.

  • If you are missing more than 50% on only one eye you are still considered to be falling under the 50% Fill Rule.

  • Be careful about very outgrown lashes - these are removed at every fill and do not count as happy lashes that get to a part of the 50% team

  • Come with CLEAN LASHES


We do not perform refill services on work that was done from another outside studio. If you currently have lash extensions on from another studio, you must have them removed before receiving your first full set service with us (additional charges will apply).


All PMU services whether done at another studio or done at Mybrows will be charged as new service after 18 months. In regards to PMU, there is no option for any corrections before the 6-week healing process is complete. Anything that you would like to correct will have to be done at the 6 week touchup or after 6 week touchup appointment (no exceptions).


If you have existing permanent makeup tattoos, including brows, lips, and eyeliner, they must be old and faded before coming into our studio for new work. Our artists absolutely cannot complete new work when the previous work is too dark, dense, discolored, large, or oddly shaped. Tattoo removal will be highly recommended before any new work can be completed. Scheduling a consultation appointment gives our artists a chance to see if your tattoos are faded enough to be worked on, or if removal is required. Sessions to fix, enhance, or otherwise work on old permanent makeup tattoos could take longer than the original service and will be charged accordingly.


Touchup appointments are not included in the price of the initial procedure. Your artist will go over all of the aftercare instructions with you, along with creating a personalized touchup schedule. The first touchup session should be scheduled approximately 4- 6 weeks after the original appointment. Appointments after 6 weeks, even by a day will be scheduled for an "AFTER 6 WEEKS TOUCHUP". Any additional touchup sessions may be required for oily skin, problematic skin, darkly pigmented skin, and clients who do not follow the aftercare instructions properly.


In regards to PMU, there is no option for any corrections before the 6-week healing process is complete. Anything that you would like to correct will have to be done at the 6 week touchup or after 6 week touchup appointment (no exceptions). Any change in PMU artist is subject to a $100 fee for all touchups. Model bookings can only be redeemed once. You can not book more than one model booking.


All discounts that are offered or discussed between your lash or PMU artist must be redeemed within a 6-week timeframe. Anything after the 6 weeks will no longer be honored. If you have scheduled an appointment to redeem your discounted service you must arrive on time. Any no-shows or reschedules will automatically forfeit said discount. (No Exceptions)

We understand that this policy may seem strict, but it is necessary to ensure that we can provide our services to all our clients effectively. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to serving you.

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